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After meeting in 2010, it soon became clear that we both shared similar values that would lead to a fulfilling and loving life together. We’re excited to welcome children into our lives in order to provide them with the same environment of love and support.

We’re happy to live a relatively simple lifestyle. While we’ve enjoyed some fun vacations around the world, and we take advantage of the attractions that our area and NYC have to offer, we’re most content to curl up on the couch with a good book (especially in front of a fire on a chilly winter night!), play a board game, watch some of our favorite shows/movies, or go on walks around our town.

One of things we enjoy most is celebrating holidays and getting to decorate the house for Halloween and Christmas.  Kevin O. is the mastermind behind the decorations, and each year he seems to throw in another new element to keep things fresh! 

Inside the house, we have two turtles that Kevin O. acquired years ago, which live comfortably in their tanks.  However it’s our two lovable cats that seem to rule the roost.  Garfield and Snowball are sisters, but each has her own unique personality that makes things interesting!  Spring and summer are probably their favorite seasons since they can take advantage of open windows and doors to keep a watchful eye on the birds, squirrels, and geese in our yard. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to go on some great vacations over the years, including three different trips to Europe (once to Ireland and twice to Germany/Austria) as well as excursions to the Poconos and the Finger Lakes, New York.  Kevin M. and his family have traveled to Alaska and Colorado, enjoying the beautiful scenery in those states. But above all we look forward to our annual beach trip to Ocean City, NJ, hosted by Kevin O.’s family, which has been a tradition of theirs for years.  We rent a house with everyone and enjoy time at the beach, morning bike rides to the boardwalk, and evening board games.  

More About Kevin M.

Kevin M. always loved math and numbers growing up, and this led him to a career in finance at an insurance company in New York City, where he’s worked for the past 15 years.  He is currently working primarily from home but soon expects to begin returning to the office more frequently. However his company also allows him the flexibility to continue working from home two days per week.

Since high school Kevin M. has been a runner, and he had the opportunity to participate in his college’s cross country and track teams. While he doesn’t run quite as much these days, he still does enough training to occasionally hop into a local 5k or half marathon.  More than anything, he loves the way running allows him to be outside in the elements, ideally on a nice, quiet trail in the woods.

Tracking the growth of our new tree
Kevin M. and some family before a race in Pittsburgh

Being from central Pennsylvania, it’s no surprise that Kevin M. and his family are avid Penn State football fans.  Most Saturdays in the fall are spent watching the Nittany Lions on TV, and every year or two he brings Kevin O. along to experience the fun of tailgating at Beaver Stadium.  

While Kevin M. wasn’t always a big cook, in recent years he finally discovered enjoyment in cooking, and it has now turned into a weekend hobby.  He doesn’t go too crazy with adventurous new dishes, but he has a good set of recipes for salads, soups/stews, and other dishes that keep everyone well fed during the week.  We’re also lucky that our town has a large farmers market, which we visit most Saturday mornings to load up on plenty of fresh fruits and veggies to enjoy during the week. 

Growing up Kevin M. was always fascinated by the weather. He still spends lots of time in the summer and fall tracking hurricanes in the Atlantic, while in the winter his attention turns to blizzards and nor’easters. Aside from this, you can also find him playing his favorite songs on the piano, watching animal videos on Youtube, and resting with a good book.

“Kevin always wants the best for those close to him. He takes pride in keeping us healthy and organized: he loves cooking healthy and nutritious meals, keeps on top of our finances and budget, and plans fun activities for us to relax. He’s detail oriented and a great planner, which helps keep the household running smoothly.

I know that when our children grow up, we will need someone who can help us stay on top of the many time commitments families face today, and Kevin will be great in this regard. For him, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what’s possible. His gentle nature, unwavering goals, and intellectual aptitude will be great in encouraging our kids to do their best. What more could a child want?” – Kevin O.

More About Kevin O.

Kevin O. initially earned a degree in Elementary Education.  While in school he worked several part-time jobs in daycare centers, providing for children from six months up through elementary school age.  However he felt he was being called to something different and went into the seminary.

In contrast to Kevin M.’s relatively predictable “9-to-5” job, Kevin O.’s work as a pastor is more variable and interesting in its own way.  Sunday mornings are always spoken for as Kevin O. leads services at the church, and the rest of the week typically contains a mix of meetings and events in support of different church groups, in preparation for ceremonies such as weddings and baptisms, or as part of his interaction with the local community and other houses of worship.  Given his background in education and working with children, he has also taken an active role in Sunday school, confirmation classes, and leading Bible study; he currently writes the curriculum for these programs and leads all but Sunday School.

Pastor Kevin at his church’s annual pet blessing

Kevin O.’s congregation is made up of a couple hundred members, all of whom have been incredibly welcoming and friendly to us both.  The church family is always willing to lend a hand, including keeping an eye on the house and taking care of the cats while we’re on vacation.  They were also kind enough to organize a group to show up to our house when we moved in to help carry boxes and unpack.  We both consider ourselves blessed to be involved with such a kind and generous group!

Outside of work, Kevin O. can most likely be found with a book in hand — either curled up on the couch in front of a fire with a cat on his lap (in the winter) or outside in the yard (in the summer).  He’s an avid reader, both for work and for pleasure, and Kevin M. often jokes with him about how many books he goes through in a year.  

Celebrating Kevin O.’s birthday
Kevin O. relaxing in the back yard

Whereas Kevin M. tends to gravitate towards “inside work” like cooking, Kevin O. enjoys getting outside in the spring and summer to tend to the yard in various ways.  He keeps a watchful eye on the flower beds to make sure they’re well cared for, and at our new house he built several new raised vegetable gardens to supplement what we get from our town’s farmer’s market.  He has lots of success with things like tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.  Kevin O. also earned the achievement of Eagle Scout while in high school.  While Kevin M. thinks this is quite an achievement in its own right, he’s especially appreciative of how being a Scout has made Kevin O. handy around the house!

“One of the things I love most about Kevin is that he’s always authentic and is confident in who he is, which allows him to easily connect with all different types of people. He also doesn’t sweat the small stuff and knows how to relax and take in the view. While we have similar values and goals in life, his style offers a good balance to my “Type A” personality, and we make a good team.

Kevin is a natural around children. He worked at a daycare while in college, and nowadays he frequently interacts with the children at his church’s nursery school as well as through Sunday School and Youth Group. I’ve seen first hand the way he connects to kids of all ages and makes them feel special and included. I know he’ll be a wonderful, loving parent to our own children someday.” – Kevin M.

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